Rough Terrain Cranes

City Crane

Tadano Escorts has launched a new city crane that better meets customer's requirements. Our new crane combines a compact carrier for better maneuverability with improved driving performance. In addition, it equips the longest boom in its class. Tadano Escorts has also enhanced safety and operator comfort by improved accessibility, environmental friendliness and high maintainability. We are convinced that the CTI-500XL is the best solution for you.

Model with photoCrane CapacityBoom LengthSpeck SheetBrochure
51t x 2.5m11.1m - 42.0m CTI-500XL_S_G.pdf

Rough Terrain Slew Crane

RT Cranes are multipurpose cranes, designed to handle material in all three planes / along three axes. The cranes are highly stable on finished surface and also on rough terrain. Green field projects where the terrain is levelled/ finished only after a particular stage, RT cranes provide a safe solution. Lifting areas with limited scope of accessibility find the right fit in these cranes because of the short wheel base, 360 degree continuous slew, all wheel steer & crab steering.

Model with photoCrane CapacityBoom LengthBrochure
22t x 3m8.45m - 21.2m RT20_B_G.pdf
32t x 3m10m - 25m RT30_B_G.pdf
40t x 3m9.76m - 24.76m RT40_B_G.pdf
RT40 (PX)
40t x 3m10.5m - 33.6m RT40PX_B_G.pdf

Tadano Rough Terrain Cranes

Compact cranes with a single cab for both driving and lifting operation.
This compact model has maneuverability, capable of accessing to narrow spaces with all wheel steering and can be driven on rough or uneven terrain with all wheel driving.